We are an international think-and-do tank for the young generation to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to avoid the occurrence of “dark sky scenarios”, systematic changes in politics, business and society are vital.

Our generation is more connected, more aware and more disruptive than ever before. Contrary to previous generations, we were taught to think in complex systems more than in binary categories of good and bad. Therefore, we believe that our generation provides the innovative mindset necessary for systemic change. Together, we seek to promote the transitions towards sustainable forms of businesses, finance, energy, consumption, cities, development cooperation and much more.

About us

Our current 21 members are highly educated students and young professionals from all around the world. We are ambitious and skilled policy-, business-, and social-entrepreneurs as well as idea facilitators, who are firmly determined to implement the SDGs on national, regional and global levels. In our function as a think-and-do tank, we serve as boundary workers between science and the political, business and social sector.

The basic definition of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. However, most of the current decision processes tends to be dominated by the older generation and produce outcomes which neglect future generations. Consequently, we, representatives of the younger generation, claim to have legitimacy to be heard by present decision makers.


We equip young change agents around the world with the necessary resources to develop their ideas into professional policy-, business-, and social-innovations. In addition, we support the translation of the SDGs into the specific context of political institutions, businesses and civil organisations through workshops and consultancy. The variety of our cultural and academic backgrounds, including Sustainability Science, Design Thinking, Economics, Business, Politics, International Relations, Law, Sociology, History, Culture Science, Earth Science, Environmental Management, Biology and Geography enables us to draw on a broad set of scientific instruments and cultural perspectives.

By following a transdisciplinary approach, we ensure scientific sound and practical salient outputs. Therefore, our solutions are systematically checked and balanced through dialogues with a broad international network of mentors and experts from science, politics, business and civil society.

In action

SDSN Youth’s Global Network – Membership Acceptance

Posted by gwhy on 17. August 2017
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We are very proud to officially announce our membership at the global Sustainable Development Solution Network Youth. The membership will boost our interaction with young organizations as well as distinguished experts who are working on the implementation of the SDGs around the world. It will certainly pave the way to fruitful and successful cooperations.Read More