Data Security

General Advice about the European General Data Protection Regulation and Data Processing (GDPR) by Generation Why e.V.:

What do we mean by data processing?

Until the GDPR was implemented, the data processing process was understood to be divided into three parts –  the collection, processing and transmission of data. Since the entry into force of the GDPR, all data processing processes are understood only under the comprehensive concept of data processing (GDPR Art. 4 para. 2).

What are the purposes of data processing by Generation Why?

Generation Why will use your data to contact you if you have 1) subscribed to our newsletter 2) if we would like to invite you to events 3) if we want to contact you for a personal or business cooperation matter.

Will personal data be passed on to third parties?

Generation Why collects and stores your contact information, which also includes personal information, using cloud-based third-party solutions (for example Mailchimp). We intend to store your data only with third party providers who also process data in compliance with the GDPR and do not transfer your personal data for other third parties.

How long will your data be stored with us?

Your data will be stored after the given consent until you file an objection. The objection can be obtained at any time by contacting our data protection officer via her e-mail address and submitting a written objection. However, the deletion period always depends on other statutory deadlines depending on the situation.

Do I have a right to know what data is stored by me?

Of course, you can always contact us, and have the right to see a copy of the data we have stored about you. Furthermore, you have the right to update the data to the latest version.

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