Network Partnership with the International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable Development (ICIS)

We are very proud to officially announce our cooperation with the internationally renowned International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable Development (ICIS) at Maastricht University. ICIS researchers are involved in the conceptualization of sustainable development (making it operational in a meaningful way); the study of systems of governance (how sustainability issues are taken up by different actors); evaluating sustainability initiatives in business, policy and civic society; and theorizing and empirical analysis of innovation trajectories and sustainability transitions. The cooperation will boost our interaction with ambitious young Sustainability Science and Policy (MSc) students and enlarge our network of excellent scientific mentors as well as practitioners from politics, business and civil-society. Since we are sharing a transdiciplinary approach with ICIS, the cooperation will certainly pave the way for scientifically sound and practically relevant common policy-, business- and social-innovations to help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.