SDG Lean Startup Webinar

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals is up to all of us. And while we see concerted efforts ranging from global coalitions to local action groups, not every individual is yet inclined or has the resources to contribute to a sustainable future for all.

Generation Why wants to change that: We believe that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background or other factors, should have access to tools and resources that help them change the world (or their surrounding).

This is why Generation Why is partnering up in a series of virtual hackathons called UNITE2030, initiated and overseen by The ID House. Unite2030 is a global, virtual innovation summit that brings together hundreds of young people from all over the world to develop creative solutions to the world’s most critical challenges, building lasting global friendships & networks around the SDGs.

World changers from around the globe convene virtually for a 48-hour Hackathon competition. They are presented with a global challenge based on their SDG of choice, and spend two days working in international teams to tackle that challenge. Throughout the 48 hours, world changers attend classes hosted by experts, and work closely with their team to quickly, and diligently address the challenge. Teams present their solutions within the framework that we provide. Judges will select finalists, and then winners, who will take home the title of UNITE2030 Global Champion. Every UNITE2030 summit tackles different SDGs.

Our Innovation Manager as well as Managing Director, Tarek Mohamed Hassan and Nicola Koch, have been invited to host a session on the Lean Startup methodology and to judge the final innovations at the first UNITE2030 in April. We were honoured to have been also invited a second time to this great event in June where Tarek could again support young entrepreneurs around the world with his unique expertise.

In a nutshell. The Lean Startup approach was originally introduced by entrepreneur Eric Ries and suggests a framework based on testing validations when starting a new business, non-profit organization, or initiative. In an iterative loop of “build, measure, learn”, assumptions about the target group and other factors are tested and build upon incrementally. Rather than pushing out a product or service in full capacity and big batches, “going lean” means testing light versions of one’s ideas, building upon learnings in the process.

Are you interested to learn more about our SDG Lean Startup approach and how it can benefit your organization? Reach out directly to Nicola Koch ( You want to participate in UNITE2030? Head over to their webpage and register to meet other changemakers! 

Tarek Mohamed Hassan (Egypt/Germany)


Tarek Mohamed Hassan is a technosocial innovation  designer and since November 2017 the Innovation Manager at GW. He is a HPI D.School trained  Design Thinking coach and a facilitator working with organisations such as the German UNESCO Commission and the Rober-Bosch Foundation. Tarek uses inclusive innovation methodologies and incubates conscious entrepreneurship.